Cerkio Ltd. is Altran spa technology partner since 2009.

Altran is an international group offering innovation and high-tech engineering consulting and is the European leader in its field. The Group's mission is to assist companies in their efforts to create and develop new products and services.

In this way, Altran has contributed to some of the major technological advances in recent decades: speed, precision, security, communication, practicality, interoperability, artificial intelligence, etc.

For 30 years, Altran has been a privileged innovation partner.

It employs over 2,100 employees and is present in much of the country, with offices in Genoa, Turin, Milan, Trieste, Bologna, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Naples.

In 2011 it recorded a turnover of over 160 million euro.

With its consulting services, Altran Italia is present in several industrial sectors, arranged in 5 “Industries”: Automotive, Infrastructures & Transportation (AIT), Aerospace, Defense & Railway (ASD-R), Energy, Industries & Life Sciences (EILiS), Financial Services (FIS), Telecoms & Media (TEM).

Solution Center joins vertical Industries in the management and control of complex bids and projects, in the definition of value proposition of excellence and in the development of new high added value solutions by using resources within the Altran Group and of academic and technology partners network.


Open Innovation models, methodologies and tools adopted by Altran Italia with Cerkio srl and strengthened through partnerships, allow us to intercept, deploy and bring to market new ideas and benefit for our customers.

In addition to academics and technology partners that contribute to the constant updating of the company on new products and services, the Solar Impulse project stands out.

Technology Partnership

The commitment in promoting and managing partnerships with technology vendors allows Altran Italia to convey its services enabling turn key solutions and end-to-end solutions for its Client.

The technological partnerships allow a constant update on new products and services, the participation in major networking events, a specialist support to Clients, training and certification of consultants.


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