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Customer Satisfaction

  • "The measure of customer satisfaction becomes a cornerstone necessary to achieve competitive advantage."

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Business Intelligence

  • It's our ability to take all our capabilities and convert them into knowledge.                                           

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Experience Exchange

  • It's our ability to take all our experience and convert them into customers' experience.                    

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Maximum Profit

  • It's our ability to take all our experience and convert them into maximum profit.                           

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Implementation of projects

Management of projects or product lines.

Constant action occurs for the duration of the design in order to respect the desired time to market (Business case), but also the characteristics of the final product (Requirements of the project).

Controlled system of actions that allows you to verify the objectivity of the condition of assets and the reliability of the estimates of the possible variations of their development over time / cost / resources planned.

Manufacturing of products

Activities of construction management and technical support activities for constant monitoring of the product in all its phases, from design to production.

Specific attention to the coordination of the various activities, quality control, implementation, daily resolution of all issues that are created in the transition from project to its completion. 


Assistance for certification

Assets Supervision and management of laboratories for debugging and implementation of pre-compliance

Execution or assistance during the product certification

Execution or assistance for type tests, special and hazardous condition

Product certification and filing for marking (CE, UL, CSA, FCC, etc.)

Interface with certification agencies (UL, CSA, IMQ, RINA, TUV, CENELEC, etc.)

Technical consulting

On-site consulting

Consulting activities in time

Consulting activities in project

Consulting for Problem Solving



A Service Oriented Company

  • Cerkio Srl was founded with the idea of creating network of specialized companies competitive and professionally to customer service.

    Cerkio Srl is the brainchild of entrepreneurs motivated to make their experience an excellence to share and put to use in order to improve the industrial, technological and design in our country.

    Cerkio Srl establishes collaborations and partnerships in order to create lasting relationships which are based on complete trust and the implementation of projects and products that meet the most demanding customers.

    Throughout his work, Cerkio Srl obtained brilliant successes, allowing both small companies, both established companies, to achieve the desired results on time and costs.

    Cerkio Srl is always looking for innovative solutions, based on the winning combination of experience and creativity with attention always asked by Team Cerkio srl to customers' needs.

    Cerkio Srl, thanks to the experience and professionalism of its Network has the ability to be performing in multidisciplinary areas, carries out a complex series of activities summarized in the provision of services, project management, support and technical assistance accompanying the client to the production of its products thus creating a 360° service.